Wilma J. Pinder

L.A. City government and the LADWP exist to serve its citizens, rate payers, businesses and visitors! The importance of LADWP services is undisputed; its role as a stable employer is well-known. Still, the integrity of both the City and LADWP is the foundation of its relationship with constituents and customers!

All sustainability and future growth plans are mere buzz words if the public does not have faith in and respect for the City and LADWP! As a LADWP Commissioner, and a rate payer, I want honesty and fairness to be the foundation of LADWP’s great programs and practices! I want L.A. residents to experience the best of LADWP’s workforce, at every level. LADWP has the best intentions; that reality must be demonstrated in all its undertakings!
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Retirement Board Representative 
Ad Hoc Advisory Committee on Power Procurement Options
Ad Hoc Advisory Committee on the SCPPA
Finance Standing Committee


Projects & Initiatives 


Remarks by Commissioner Pinder coming soon.

Commissioner Wilma J. Pinder in Action