Susana Reyes

I bring to the Board my unique experiences and skills from my many years as a civil servant and LADWP employee and as an environmental champion. I will strive to make LADWP a recognized leader for reliable services and innovative programs delivered by a diverse and talented workforce, while ensuring its place as a global force for sustainability and competitiveness. Because equity is an indispensable element of my fiduciary duties, I will create opportunities to address inequities internally and within the communities that we serve and help transform our city to one that benefits all residents, no matter the zip code.

Vice President
[email protected]

Inyo/Los Angeles Standing Committee
Owens Valley Tribal Engagement Standing Committee
AD HOC Advisory Committee on Technology and Security AD HOC Advisory Committee on Workforce and Employee Development


Priorities and Initiatives


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Remarks by Board Vice President Reyes.
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Coming to Terms with Energy Inequities, Blog Post

"The current LADWP leadership has acknowledged that past energy policies have unfairly impacted disadvantaged communities, creating problems that the Department is now putting its substantial muscle into rectifying. "

January 6, 2022
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LADWP Board of Commissioners Seeks Authorization to Hire Independent Outside Counsel and Will Pursue Other Ethics, Transparency and Corrective Actions in Response to Federal Charges Against Former Outside Counsel and Department Staff

"As someone who spent decades serving alongside our dedicated employees, it sickens me to see their professional reputations damaged by these entirely preventable conflicts, and I am committed to instituting ethics reforms that will prevent them from ever happening again."

December 14, 2021
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I am proud to stand with them, uplift them and share with our customers and residents of Los Angeles that we have talented, resilient, and dedicated Filipino American public servants helping bring reliable water and power, and deliver excellent customer service to the largest municipal utility in the nation.

Delivered October, 2021 for Filipino American History Month
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We have Asian Americans who work, healthcare workers, nurses, restaurant workers, grocery workers and others who have been the victims of hate. And they have suffered disproportionately from the pandemic.

Delivered March, 2021 on stopping Asian American Pacific Islander hate
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Board Vice President Reyes in Action

On March 10, 2022 Confluence Philanthropy hosted its 12th Annual Practitioners Gathering, “The Time Is Now,” to reflect on action-based ideas that make systemic change, and new calls to action regarding diverse topics such as climate change, racial stratification and economic inequities. This was the first in-person Practitioners Gathering in two years. Board Vice President Reyes was a panelist on the topic of “Investing to Build Back Better.” 
(Photo) Loren Blackford, Sierra Club;  Taj Eldridge, Include Venture Partners; Ari Matusiak, Rewiring America

Board Vice President Reyes hosts employee webinar for Filipino American History Month, October 2021. Click on image to watch.